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Data Domain Boost Microsoft App Agent - backups run but don't display in MSSQLMS

Odd issue - working on the "Data Domain Boost Microsoft App Agent" with SQL (DDboost backing up SQL data straight to the DD), and the customer appears to be able to back up to the Data Domain using the MSSQL Management Studio, but when he goes to browse those backups to perform a restore, no backups are listed.

FWIW, this is a clustered setup - 2 servers, set up with a cluster name, and the customer is logged in at the "cluster" level and is using the "cluster name" when specifying what to back up. But apparently, they "aren't using" Always On Availability groups.

(is it even possible to install a "standalone SQL configuration" on clustered Windows systems - that is, without configuring any SQL "clustering" as well? keep in mind that I'm not Microsoft certified, so I may be asking some otherwise "dumb" questions here)

This causes me to wonder if the overall setup for this environment (which I was not involved in) was done correctly. I looked at the documentation for the v4.5 version they are running, and while there is a bunch of info in there, there isn't any actual section on how to use command line to "imitate" a restore as it would be performed via the MSSQL GUI. Also, there are msagentadmin commands that are supposed to allow browsing of the backups on the Data Domain, but I can't get them to work at all.

Anyone run into this before? Wondering if I should just get them to uninstall and then try to re-install as a "real" cluster?

All comments/feedback appreciated - thanks.

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