Data Domain (DDOS) signed certificates

Last year, to meet a PCI requirement, I had to install signed Host and CA certificate in DDOS 5.4. After much effort and trial and error I was able to complete this and DDEM had a proper certificate. DDOS v5.5 made changes that have made it impossible (so far) to import my renewal host certificate. I've opened ans SR, but so far no success and I thought I post here to see if any has attempted this and succeeded.

- I have the system passphrase in place.

- I created the CSR per the documentation and submitted to my CA.

- I received the signed host cert as a PEM file and the CA chain as well.

- Since the CA hasn't changed I've left it alone AND redone it OK.

But, I can't get the host cert to import.

It seems the adminaccess certificate command changed to require an application option. And, it seems that I can not import an x509 cert any more.

Wondering if anyone has done this successfully and if they have any hints or tricks?

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