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Data Domain USB flash image

Referencing the EMC Data Domain Operating System USB Installation Guide. There is a portion that states 

'Note: If you cannot boot the system from the USB key, contact Data Domain Support as
BIOS changes may be required'

Still waiting for Dell to get back to me on this. For the love of my sanity, can you just tell me what it is I need to do in addition to the guide? It's like.... what's the point of the guide if I can't even accomplish the steps on my own, nor get Dell to help me out on this.

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which DD hardware are we talking about here as it might be different depending on the hardware.

KB 000004177 (old KB 000304607) "USB boot procedure for the DD4200, DD4500 & DD7200 & how to install a fresh Data Domain operating system. Factory reset." states:

"Entering BIOS to change the boot order options

1. Insert the USB boot device into the USB port on the back of the system.
If the system is powered on, log on to the system using serial console access as sysadmin (or user with admin privileges) and reboot.
If the system is powered off plug in the AC power cords to turn the system on.

2. Boot into the BIOS mode. Please keep an eye out for the BIOS prompt. The <Del> or <F2> keys may be used to get into the BIOS when prompted.

If you have a problem interrupting the boot sequence with <Del> or <F2> at the right time. Wait until characters begin appearing on the console after reset, then immediately begin tapping either <Del> or <F2> and sometime during the next 10 seconds the system will hit the point in the boot process where it will be succesfully interrupted and go to the BIOS menu.
Note: There is only a 1 second window to enter the key after prompted."

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