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DataDomain CIFS share permissions

Ok, so a long time ago on my DD690 pre-boost and post a DL3D I was a newbee and setup a subfolder in the CIFS /backup folder.  I created a user ID on my networker server which was a admin and mounted the share and used it for networker backups.   Due to business reasons I needed to hold on to these backups for way to long.   Anyway fast forward and now I'm on a DD2500(and for several years now on boost) which EMC helped me migrate too.   So here's what I think my problem is.   Because I was using workgroup permissions and when the migrated I believe the SID under the folder changed.   The reason I believe this is when I mount the folder on the old server or anything else I see that dreadful SID and Account unknown instead of the user ID as the owner.   And I believe because of that I am simply unable to change the permissions to allow me to delete or remove anything.   I simply really want to delete the subfolder /backup/nw and it's subfolders from my datadomain.  I'm about to open a ticket with EMC but I figured I would throw it out to you all first.

I am already connecting to the share as a "Admin", and I have already attempted to change the permissions multiple times.


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Re: DataDomain CIFS share permissions


What if you create a new user?


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