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Datadomain Microsoft Active Directory authentication

I have a question about joining Datadomain to Active Directory for User Authentication. When i am joining with active directory there is a option to automatically select the domain controller, after selecting this option it chooses the nearest domain controller for authentication. When i do lookup net lookup example.com , DD can see all the domain controllers configured in my Environment.

Now, My question is what will happen if the particular configured domain which shows here goes down? will DD lookup other Domain controller automatically for authentication or Authentication fails?

See Putty logs below, what happens if the Domain Controller abcd.example.com?


#cifs show config
Mode Active-Directory
Realm example.com
Domain Controllers *
WINS Server not specified
NB Hostname ddhost
Max Connections 300
Max Open Files 10000

# cifs troubleshooting domaininfo
LSA Server Status:

Compiled daemon version:
Packaged product version:
Uptime: 0 days 6 hours 15 minutes 42 seconds

[Authentication provider: lsa-activedirectory-provider]

Status: Online
Mode: Un-provisioned
Domain: example.com
Domain SID: S-1-5-21-3112544000-2776147529-3503057295
Forest: example.com
Site: US-MRM-01
Online check interval: 300 seconds
[Trusted Domains: 1]

[Domain: example]

DNS Domain: example.com
Netbios name: example
Forest name: example.com
Trustee DNS name:
Client site name: US-MRM-01
Domain SID: S-1-5-21-3112544000-2776147529-3503057295
Domain GUID: aff40201-3c86-c64a-b615-4a3c230bdcf8
Trust Flags: [0x001d]
[0x0001 - In forest]
[0x0004 - Tree root]
[0x0008 - Primary]
[0x0010 - Native]
Trust type: Up Level
Trust Attributes: [0x0000]
Trust Direction: Primary Domain
Trust Mode: In my forest Trust (MFT)
Domain flags: [0x0001]
[0x0001 - Primary]

[Domain Controller (DC) Information]

DC Name: abcd.example.com
DC Address:
DC Site: US-MRM-01
DC Flags: [0x000071fc]
DC Is PDC: no
DC is time server: yes
DC has writeable DS: yes
DC is Global Catalog: yes
DC is running KDC: yes

[Global Catalog (GC) Information]

GC Name: abcd.example.com
GC Address:
GC Site: US-MRM-01
GC Flags: [0x000071fc]
GC Is PDC: no
GC is time server: yes
GC has writeable DS: yes
GC is running KDC: yes

[Authentication provider: lsa-local-provider]

Status: Online
Mode: Local system
Domain: ddhost
Domain SID: S-1-5-21-1944260253-2900219583-1514654138

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