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Details about the DDBoost, CIFS, NFS and VTL Implementations in Data Domain.

Read in Google as well in one of the DD training, I am interested to share these details of these protocols. Kindly post your comments, suggestions, White papers and more details:

Data Domain Implementation:

For successfully integrating the Data Domain system into a backup environment:

  1. 1. Perform the basic installation and configuration tasks.(make certain that all installations have occurred, including installation of all application software as necessary throughout the environment, and installation and initial configuration of the Data Domain system for proper network access by client systems and backup servers.

  1. 2. Configure the Data Domain system with the correct networking, and create a backup user

(Performed by Implementation Engineers).

  1. 3. Configure the backup server with the necessary credentials or other settings as necessary, and create a share on the Data Domain system.

(Performed by Implementation Engineers).

Verifying Data Domain functionality with Backup system:

  1. 1. Perform administrative tasks on the backup systems administrative console in order to create a backup job.

  1. 2. Run and monitor the backup job in the backup systems administrative console.

  1. 3. Perform operations to perform backup and validate recovery for a client system.

  1. 4. Validate and analyze the backups within the Data Domain System Manager, where you can view statistics and reports.

DDBoost Implementation:

  1. 1. Prepare Data Domain systems (A and B) for DD Boost

Enable DD Boost and Set User.

Create Storage Unit and CIFS Share.

  1. 2. Backup application Console Configure Data Domain systems as Devices for Boost

Configure system A for Backup.

Configure system B for Backup Clone.

  1. 3. Backup application Console

Configure Backup / Clone Operations

  1. 4. Console: Monitor Activity for Backup / Clone

  1. 5. Verity Files on Data Domain systems A and B

  1. 6. Backup application Console:

Restore files from Backup Clone

Implement VTL:

  1. 1. Install Configure HBA Cards.

  1. 2. Configure FC zoning.

  1. 3. Configure VTL on Data Domain System.

  1. 4. On Backup application administrative management perform the device discovery and configuration.

  1. 5. On Backup application administrative management Run and monitor backup jobs and validate backup.

Implement CIFS:

  1. 1. Install Backup software Management and Media (Storage Node) servers and clients components .

  1. 2. On Data Domain System Configure Networking and CIFS parameters, Create a Backup user and CIFS share.

o Create a new user and Choose Admin from the Privilege drop down menu.

o Choose the Admin option. Note of these new user credentials. They will be added to the services logon credentials on the Networker Server.

o map a CIFS share on the Data Domain system, to be used in Networker backup administration. This directory will be the target for backups.

o Map a network drive to the ClFS share created.

  1. 3. Additional Configuration on Backup Application AKA Networker (configure a CIFS AFTD Networker device on Networker server or storage node)

  1. 4. Verify CIFS access from Backup system.

  1. 5. From Backup application create a backup Job, Run and monitor it, then validate that backup job.

  1. 6. From Backup application recover backup and validate it.

  1. 7. On Data Domain Analyze system statistics.

Implement NFS:

  1. 1. Install Backup software Management and Media (Storage Node) servers and clients components.

  1. 2. On Data Domain System Configure Networking and NFS parameters.

  1. 3. Backup Application additional Configuration:

o Mount Points.

o Mount Data Domain Directory.

o Modify /etc/fstab.

o Create Backup directory.

4. Validate functionality for NFS by creating and copying files from the Server to the Data Domain backup directory.

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