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How do I pause console output?

Multi-page help commands automatically pause, but other commands don't. Eg, when I run "net show all," I can only see the last page. Running the commands with | less or | more doesn't help. Up and down arrows and Page up and down work on the help pages, but not on the other commands because the page is no longer active.

What is the secret? Thanks.

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To the best of my knowledge, there is no such possibility because it is a unique shell.


But you could do the following:

  -  In the DD Admin GUI or from the command line, configure the remote access connections like telnet or ssh.

  -  Then use putty or similar to login remotely. With the appropriate window size parameters you should now be able to view the total output.


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How do you connect to the cli at the moment? Via a terminal emulator. Most people use Putty or something similar, tools that have the ability to use and set a scrollback amount lines.

If however it is for example a DDVE and you connect to the vmware console directly, then screen output is limited.

So when using a too like Putty, you'd easily can set the amount of lines, that it should be able to scroll up.

Also you can run and parse the command remotely, for example:

# ssh datadomain01.backup "net show all" | more

The command(s) between quotes will be run remotely on the DD you connect to, while it will be parsed on the system that you initiate the ssh session from to the DD. You can also redirect to file on that system.

All because ddos onlt offers a very limited shell only. Escaping to the bash shell, cannot be done as easily as in the psst until ddos6.1 or so. Now it requires getting a bash session key, from Dell by creating a service request, to be able to do so. So it is not helpful at all anymore. Hence I use either of two options I stated above.

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