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How to Connect USB HDD to DD2200?

Hi All,

I have a DD2200, is it possible to connect an external USB HHD directly to the DD2200 and copy data from the DD to the USB.

Any help appreciated.


Bart Fabrizio

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Re: How to Connect USB HDD to DD2200?


Such practice are not at all recommended by Dell EMC.

Even if, by any chance you get to copy the data from DD to Hard Disk, the data wont be useful as all the data is stored in very complex format. None of the file in the DD is stored solid, due to deduplication.



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Re: How to Connect USB HDD to DD2200?

Hello Bart,

As Pushpendra stated you can’t connect an USB HDD to your DD2200 and capture your data.  When you copy the data to a USB drive, you will not get all of the data so that it can read it on another system.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Social Media Support Enterprise

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