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IFGROUP client statements for common networks

Are IFGROUP client statements intended to work for non-private networks?

for example, Imagine the environment to exist of "2" data centers (DC1 and DC2) Clients from each data center can communicate to each other and the data domains over the routed "common" network. Note: there are also "private networks within each data center.  IFGROUPS and client statements work well for the private networks.

We have a use case to use the routed "common" network also.  Should we be able to create an IFGROUP for each Data Domain with their "common network" IP included, do an IFGROUP add <IFGROUPname> client based on the domain name of the datacenter, to keep clients in Data Center 2 sending backups to Data Center 1 (and of course, the reverse situation).

For example:

IN DC1 (xxx.yyy.zzz): on ddr1 which has an FQDN in the xxx.yyy.zzz domain

ifgroup create ddr1_common

Ifgroup add ddr1_common interface <mycommonIP>

Ifgroup add ddr1_common client *.xxx.yyy.zzz


will this config "disallow" clients in DC2 (*.rrr.yyy.zzz) from sending ddboost data to ddr1?

Thanks in advance for you help.

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Re: IFGROUP client statements for common networks

what is configured in the default ifgroup ?

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