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Mtree Resync

I have a client that broke a mtree replication context without it being in sync and removing all snapshots.

He now tries to resync the replication context but receives the following error:

(00:00)  Replication resync started. . .

(00:04)      0%:  No common snapshot,  Resync not possible.

From what I have read a RESERVE snapshot will be created when a mtree context is broken and this is then used as the common snapshot to resync the replication context.

What is to be done when this snapshot no longer exists?

Does the destination mtree need to be deleted as replication cannot be configured if the destination mtree already exist.


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Re: Mtree Resync

I have the same problem and have opened a case to EMC support. The solution is to remove the destination Mtree and then initialize the replication pair.

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