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Need Data Domain OS


I currently have a DD160 on DD OS and I'm looking for a way to update it past 5.7 in order to continue using Veeam Backup & Recovery 10a which won't support DD OS 5.7 and lower.

From what I've been reading, I need to go through updating to DD OS 5.6 first but sadly, DD OS is no longer available for download and can't find it anywhere.

Tried here but the .rpm is the only file unavailable:

I understand that we're talking about an unsupported DD OS here but is there any other way of obtaining this intermediate version?

I already have from which I hope to directly go to which I also managed to find.


Thank you!

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You can get it from support link below, need site access though.


Hello @rajwanshbhanu Appreciate it but can't access the link, even with EMC credentials.

Might need an active contract..


You just need to create partner account on DELL EMC Support portal and link would be accessible.



Thanks @kthorn1 .

I did manage to go through > > and finally to on our DD160.

For those in a similar situation, if you're on DD OS < 5.5, you just go ahead and grab from @kthorn1 link and go directly to 6.0 afterwards. You can't go from 5.5 to 6.0.

EDIT: One more thing. We did have an issue with the index not converting after the upgrade to 5.7 and that prevented us from going to 6.x. We waited ~2 weeks and still continued receiving the error message. I chose to reapply and the index was converted in less than two days, allowing us to go further.

We actually needed to get past DD OS 6.x in order to use Veeam B&R 10a which stopped supporting DD OS < 6.0 hence the need to upgrade. While we had the contract and since we had no issues or security needs to upgrade the OS on our DD160, we didn't do it.

Dell didn't want to hear a word and wanted to quote us an arm and a leg to perform the upgrade or buy another machine. The latter isn't currently possible for multiple reasons, including financial as most companies currently..  We would've been more than happy to go Dell with next year's budget since the Data Domain solution really served us well but this is no longer EMC..

This required way more time and energy than needed.

But thanks to awesome folks like you, we managed to obtain what we needed and follow the upgrade path above.


Not going with Dell next time around for a backup solution and currently studying alternatives.


@CCSS Any chance you still have the RPM file for 5.6.x or 5.7.x   the link from @kthorn1 is dead now and I can't get our data domains updated for nothing.


Current link to as of 25 Jan 2020 is here:



First of all thanks @BDPCSSD  for the updated link of 5.7.

I am now trying to upgrade to 6.x ... but the only links I could find is or and these seem to be not working from 5.7... at least for me...

Do i need an earlier version ? and if so do you have extra links to share to do so ?

Thanks in advance



@Spler  Yes, I ran into the same problem.

I found this docu link after several hours of searching and this let me update to 6.1 from 5.7 and then I was able to move up to 6.2.

Direct download link

Glad I could help, really wish Dell wouldn't make this so difficult.

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