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Networker 9.1 DDOS 5.7.x > RHEL Clients 8.x 9.x>Stale Sessions


We have networker server on windows , DD9500 DDOS 5.7.x , RHEL CLients 8.x and 9.x That Do not Cancel sessions on the Client side and on the Data Domain, when a Workflow action timeout occurs on a client due to a stale NFS Mount.

Issue is with 350+ RHEL Clients all using same NFS Mount from NFS Server cause maximum session limit reached on DD when the NFS server crashed and all the RHEL NFS Clients mount points went stale, resulting in backup reaching timeout, but sessions not cancelled on the data domain.

The only way to detect actual session count is netstat -an  in SE mode and lsof -I TCP:20149 in BASH mode

Anyone else see this on RHEL clients? Currently have support investigating but wanted to get a feel for this in the community

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