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Question regarding DDBoost over FC and WWNN


I am running a Data Domain System with two dual port FC HBA wich should be used for dd boost over FC. DD Boost over FC is enabled in the GUI.

But I have problems finding the unique WWNN for the FC ports installed in the System. I was looking into the tab Hardware > Network > Fibre Channel and found the HBA ports but the WWNN were not unique (all WWNN were set to the same value). Any idea what is going wrong (or what i did not think off)?

Second the WWPN shown in the GUI aren't the WWPN i could get on https://my.datadomain.com/US/en/wwpn.jsp with the System Controller ID.

Is there a Integration Guide focusing on dd boost over FC in the Internet that i did not find, or what should I do to get dd boost over fc running (what is needed).



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Re: Question regarding DDBoost over FC and WWNN

I do not have 5.4 to check it, but with VTL there was command port show hardware:

hcrvelin@xxx# vtl enable

Please wait...

VTL is enabled.

hcrvelin@xxx# vtl port show hardware

Port   Model     Firmware   WWNN                      WWPN                  

----   -------   --------   -----------------------   -----------------------

5a     QLE2562   5.04.01    20:00:00:21:88:4c:56:80   25:00:00:21:88:4c:56:80

5b     QLE2562   5.04.01    20:00:00:21:88:4c:56:80   25:10:00:21:88:4c:56:80

----   -------   --------   -----------------------   -----------------------

I can only assume that ddboost in 5.4 would have similar command to list it.

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Re: Question regarding DDBoost over FC and WWNN

Hi Patric,

Are you able to access our DDBoost compatibility guide?


If not let me know and I'll email it to you.

Best Regards,


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Re: Question regarding DDBoost over FC and WWNN

Customer got an internal communication error. - His Team told him to have WWNs unique and a new employee said he does not know WWPN so he wanted WWNNs unique.

To have a solution this:

WWNN should be same for an Adapter (Node) the ports on this Adapter (WWPNs) should be unique to do the zoning and have the Initiators configured.

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