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Questions DD 2200

Hey Guys

This time I don’t ask you stupid questions about VNX, this time i ask you stupid questions about EMC Data Domain.

We plan to integrate a EMC Data Domain 2200 with DD Boost and Veeam 8.

I was able to configure the machine by CLI and assign an IP address and user to the devices. Further I’ve installed all the necessary licenses but now I’ve got some questions:

  1.       Is there a possiblity to create a bond? We have onboard 4x1 Gbit Ports which we want to use for Backup. With Qunatum DXi it was easy to say those 2 ports management and data and those 2 Replication but how to do this on Datadomain? I can see that we are able to create a vEth but can I assign dedicated services to it (management, replication, data) ?
  2.       How to we setup replication ? Does is need to have dedicated network ports ?
  3.       Do we need more then one IP address when using it as a backup target and for replication ? We have a sencond machine in another site.
  4.       Is there any proper document on this ?
  5.      Is there a docuement about replication configuration ?
  6. Can we use one network link with one IP Address for everything (Management, Network, Replication)?

A further funny thing is. I’ve tried to createa a CIFS share it works so far (1. Turned On filesystem, auto created filesystem on active disks, 2. Created a Mtree, Created Share on this Mtree) everything looks green and fine but when i browse with a Windows machine \\IP\Cifsshare i dont get any result … even browsing \\IP\ i dont get anything ? Did i miss something ? Do we need ADS resp. Domain Integration?

By the way is DD Boost an own protocol and we dont use any share (cifs, NFS)? Do wenn need to have FC wires to use DD Boost? Form e DD Boost looks like OST is it?

Thank you 😃

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Re: Questions DD 2200

I've got a further one, based on the install guide for veeam and ddboost:


For work with EMC Data Domain, Veeam Backup & Replication uses a gateway server — a proxying Microsoft Windows machine. The gateway server that you plan to use must be added to the backup infrastructure.

Data Domain requires at least 1 Gbps network and 0% packet data loss between the gateway server and the Data Domain system. Without that, stable operation of the Data Domain system cannot be guaranteed.


If my backup server is a physical machine (with veeam on it) do i need a dedicated server for this library or can I install the libraries on my backup server.

If no, can we use a VM for this library one or does it need to be a physiscal one? We do not use FC we use 1 gbit ethernet.

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Re: Questions DD 2200

I believe your questions are more related to how Veeam integrates with DD and those documents (or KB articles) are available via Veeam website. I believe there is couple of folks here who also use Veeam and perhaps they can share exact documents (or links).

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Re: Questions DD 2200

Veeam 8 allows you to add DD Boost repositories. I have two repo's in Veeam to my DD2500 and old DD670. You need DD Boost license and dedicated Boost storage unit. We get over 16x1 dedupe on the DD. Look up info on Veeam's site.

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Re: Questions DD 2200


lets see if i can help a bit.

yes you can create bonds. failover bonds or trunks and i think this guide will give you most information:


if you have problems accessing your cifs share did you allow access for your client?

mark your share and edit it with modify. you can specify clients or use * to allow all clients.


dd boost is an own protocol. the gateway in your case would be the physical veeam backupserver or if you use it the proxy you specified in your veeam environment.

and in this guide you will find more information regarding veeam / datadomain integration


whatever you do: dont use reverse incremental with data domain.

veeam also provides some good articles in their knowledge base.

KB1956: EMC Data Domain Storage Best Practices


hopefully this helps 😉

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Re: Questions DD 2200

Maybe one of you guys can check this post as well?

Some basic questions

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