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Quotas on DataDomain


I know we have hard and soft quota limits which we can set for a particular MTREE. Is there a way we can show the end user what capacity he is entitled for ? to be specific if I set a Mtree 35TB hard-limit quota for a particular host that NFS host reported all free space of DDFS instead of 35TB. So the end user sees all the available space and sends backup only for the backup to be failed because of quota limit.

I know in DD OS 5.5 we have muti-tenancy  features , if the end user is not able to see the quota how will we do quota management?



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Re: Quotas on DataDomain

Multiple ways:

1) DPA reporting

2) DD mtree should be shared via cfs or NFS and mapped or mounted locally which can let the user know space they are entitled for

this is from my knowledge