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Replication Question

I have 2 DD690's and had a replication pair set up.

I needed to delete the replication pair and break it up into 4 separate ones.

So once I did that I now have 5 folders on the replicated site (destination).

4 new replication folders and 1 old one.

The 1 old one has about 60 TB of data in it.

Is there any advantage of leaving that folder in place or should I delete it?

I hate the fact that the new replication pairs will now have to copy 60TB to the destination site (across the network) when the data is already there.. albeit in an old directory that's not part of any of the new pairs.

I just don't know if the DD box can use any of the blocks in the old folder to help replicate to the new ones.

Thanks in advance


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Re: Replication Question

You will want to keep the old directory at the replication target until the new replication pair initialization is complete.  Data Domain global compression will use segments from the old directory.