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Trial for DD VE

I've found a link to download the trial for DD VE.  I have an 10 year old dell server that runs ESXi 5.5 on my home lab and would like to test a small implementation there to get familiar with DD VE.  I have all the other requirements but only have about 58GB of disk space. The requirements say 250GB of root disk space and 10GB vNVRAM.   I just need a very small implementation to get familiar.  Does anyone know if I really need the 250GB and 10GB vNVRAM?  I've seen situations where a vendor will say you need so much for the demo but find out later it  will  work in a limited environment with a smaller allocation.

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Re: Trial for DD VE


You can use new version of DDVE with 1 TB free license and deploy with thin disk and your free capacity will be enough. You have to use minimum 4GB ram.


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Re: Trial for DD VE

When I deployed it, you did need the space for the OS to deploy and to have room for overhead. In addition to this space, you will need space to add to the appliance in order to test a backup, etc. Otherwise, it will be of little use since you cannot even start the file system which needs to be built and started to run most commands.

Your other option is to spin up in the cloud. ☺

0.5 TB Embedded Trial license, Up to 96TB capacity paid version, Data store in S3 standard

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Re: Trial for DD VE

Hello brad1234,

When using the evaluation version of DD VE it supports up to 500GB.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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