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Using mtree replication to migrate data in DD890 to a tenant in DD9300 ?


We have a DD890 with three mtrees worth of data that that is going out of support. Several Oracle DB servers with RMAN plugins/agents are using the DD as a backup target.

The plan is to create a new tenant in a newer DD9300 system and replicate the mtrees using DD replication. At cutover we will stop the replication, make the destination mtrees R/W, disable the DD890 interface used by the clients and create an interface with the same IP address in DD9300 in the tenant.

Has anyone ever tried to do something similar? Did it work? If not, how have you consolidated multiple DD systems into one large DD system (or migrated one DD into another)?


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Re: Using mtree replication to migrate data in DD890 to a tenant in DD9300 ?


I have worked on similar task earlier. But you are trying to create a tenant on target DD.

I believe there should be not any issues if you create a tenant on target mtree and replicate data from source DDs to it.

If the number of clients which are sending backup to your old DDs is not large, i think you can assign new IP to tenant. and it should be easy to update new hostname or IP for RMAN backups.

In my case, we had to decomm old DDs and there was no such need to retain same hostname and IPs.

So we configured Mtree replication to new DD. Once data was completed replicated, we deleted replication pair to make mtree on target a R/W mtree. Later we provided destination Mtree path and destination DD hostname/IP to use with RMAN and SQL backups.


Pawan Kumawat

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