Where has all the space gone on our DD2500 ???


we have 2 x DD2500 with 56TB physical capacity and we replicate all data from one datacenter to the other over 10 GbE.

We have 7 Mtrees, 6 are presented over CIFS and we are doing snapshots for 30 days for them.

Our DD says that 46 TB are used, so we are nearly full.

When i have a look at "filesys show compression /data/col1/mtreename" i get the informations for Original Bytes, Globally Compressed and Locally Compressed.

As i understood Localy compressed is the "real" space used on the DD.

When i add now all values for all our mtrees i get 21 TB used space.

But our DD tells us that 46 TB are used.

So where are the other 25 TB ???

Sure there will be space needed for snapshots, but the problem is that there is now way to find out what space is really used for snapshots...

With "snapshot list mtree /data/col1/mtreename" i only get the Pre-Comp value, not the real physical space used.

Has anybody an idea ?

Thanks a lot


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Re: Where has all the space gone on our DD2500 ???

The numbers you get for "filesys show compression /mtree" or "filesys show compression /mtree/file.ext" will be the values from the moment the files were ingested, not in real-time.

This is because everything shares physical space in the background.

Because of that, what you see in "filesys show compression" with no folders/mtrees/files specified is the "truth" as it is at the moment you run it. As you expire, run snapshots, etc, the aggregate usage will change from the original usage.

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