can not backup with "backup exec" on "EMC DataDomain" VTL


i have an "EMC DataDomain" Appliance with Full Feature Licensed, as VTL and more...

also, i have a "Veritas BackupExec 2016" Full Feature Licensed, as VTL and UDO (unlimited drive option) and more... it mean i should be able to discover my EMC DataDomain VTL Drives (one drive or more) in backupexec, and use...

but now, when i config VTL (step by step with emc guide), and connect it by fiber to my Backup Exec physical server, backup exec discover just one of the drivers that i create in EMC DD, ((and good news that i can backup to that one vtl drive!))

and when backup exec discover all of the drives, they are offline and disable, i manually enable them, and try the backup job, but job start and freeze in QUEUED.

i have not any task on EMC DataDomain, and want just use the vtl

i restart the backup exec services

i restart the backup exec server (physical server)

i restart the emc

i reinstall the backup exec, and drivers

i retry and reinstall the driver with "tape installer" (because of my windows server 2008)

and also i have the problem yet, please help me. thank you..

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Re: can not backup with "backup exec" on "EMC DataDomain" VTL

Backup Exec 16 is supported on Windows 2008 however, you may want to check a couple of things:

BUE 16 on MS Windows 2008 (x64)  w/VTL  - you'll want to use Data Domain with one of the following combinations:

     DD VTL with HP LTO Native OS/Symantec Drivers

     DD VTL with IBM LTO: Native OS/Symantec Drivers

     RESTORER-L180 with HP LTO: Native OS/Symantec drivers

Typically if the BUE queued status comes in -- it just indicates a communication issue which points us in the direction of the drivers.

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