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data domain disk wipe/format options


This is a query from our client infosec team regarding the Data domain disk wiping/formatting procedure.

In case if any DD disk become faulty, EMC will be replacing with new disk.

How can we ensure the data on the disk is not going out of the DC?

Do we have any procedure/options in place to wipe/format/delete the data in faulty disk at onsite?


Venkata Ramireddy

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Re: data domain disk wipe/format options

It would be very difficult to delete the data if removed from the chassis to be replaced the best way if for security or compliance is to take the feature now offered as you have a service  where you retain the disk and destroy or store for a period of time.

Parts retention plan is the plan to request

This is also for all disk based products where data security is not allowed to be compromised

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Re: data domain disk wipe/format options

For situations like this, if a drive fails you often cannot spin up the drive to reformat it.  An electromagnetic degausser is a good investment in these cases.  It's quick and easy.

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