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error 2060046: plugin error


       Can anyone suggest things to look at other than the fix of Version, the error is still occurring after upgrading to  The Data Domain Boost plugin level is and Netbackup level is  The OS of the server which writes to the Data Domain is Linux SuSE 11.3. Linux kernel 3.0.76-0.11.  Virtual-synthetics is enabled.  Not running NetBackup Accelorator or Data Domain replication.  Using NetBackup to copy between two DD890s.  Cleaning is done once a week, 75-85% used.  The issue happens cheifly during Exchange backups on both DD890s using different NetBackup servers.  Next step, looking to upgrade to the highest version of DDOS 5.5 and DDBOOST 3.0.4, but would like to see if we are missing something.  Thanks for your time.

05/15/2016 17:03:45 - begin writing

05/15/2016 22:30:46 - Critical bptm (pid=12745) image write failed: error 2060046: plugin error

05/15/2016 22:30:46 - Critical bptm (pid=12745) sts_get_image_prop failed: error 2060046: plugin error

05/15/2016 22:30:54 - Error bptm (pid=12745) cannot write image to disk, Invalid argument

05/15/2016 22:30:54 - Info bptm (pid=12745) EXITING with status 84 <----------

05/15/2016 22:30:54 - Info bpbkar (pid=12952) done. status: 84: media write error

05/15/2016 22:30:54 - end writing; write time: 5:27:09 media write error  (84)

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Re: error 2060046: plugin error

I think you are trying to Use Managed File Replication or Rather SLP to create another copy of data on the Second Datadomain ? If yes, then you need to make sure the Second DD can be resolved from NBU/Media server using both IP and Hostname.

You can also try to write a small file to the second DD and see if you are able to.

To check the connectivity between the dd's, create a replication pair on DD and see if you are able to replicate the data.

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