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mtree alert

Is there a way  for  MTree's alert ? For example I have created a MTree for Database team and they wanted to get alerted if the quota reaches 80%. I wanted to create a group for DBA, but wanted to send alerts only for their MTree. how to configuration alert for mtree size

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Re: mtree alert

When you enable quotas, you also enable the Data Domain to issue alerts when the quota is exceed.  In the Data Domain GUI, you can go to the Quota section and enable it.  Enable the Quota feature only on the mtree you wish to control, and set the Soft Limit threshold to 80%.  When the mtree consumes 80% of the quota, it will trigger an alert event on the Data Domain.  Note that you do not have to enable a Hard Quota for this if you wish.

You then create a notification group for your database team and assign the Storage:Warning to that group.  At that point, when the mtree exceeds the Soft Limit, it creates an alert which generates an email.

Let us know if that helps!


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