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Advice on DPA version upgrade and OS rebuild


We have a server that needs to rebuild due to performance issues. We can't have a new box unfortunately.

Current state :

DPA 5.7

Windows 2003 Enterprise 32Bit stand alone box -internal MSSQL Server 2005.

Proposed state:

DPA 5.8

Rebuild current server to -64bit windows 2008

What about licensing - is it attached to particular server box/build?

Is it possible to setup the temporary solution on VMSlice because the rebuild and reinstallation will take about 2 weeks to be compliant with our internal procedures.

We are trying to avoid downtime in service in this case and that is my major concern.

Appreciate advice from all, thanks!!

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Re: Advice on DPA version upgrade and OS rebuild


You can Install DPA 5.8 on a virtual machine with Windows 2008 OS as Data Protection Advisor has been certified to work on a Windows or Linux virtual machine in a VMware or Hyper-V environment. But keep in mind that in this configuration, the requirements for the machine may need to be higher than the minimum specifications required on the physical machine.

Regarding moving the licenses, I am not having the exact or correct information about moving the licenses and if there will be a downtime or not, so i recommend you to open a live chat or Service request with EMC to ask them about this case.

Hope this helps you.

Waiting your updates.


Ahmed Bahaa