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Backup app, Backup type,Backup size


          My Client is looking for some fields of backup jobs. Now i am getting the job detail from 'Job Configuration' report.

          Backup app (Networker, Net Backups and TSM)

          The job Configuration report doesn’t have a field which can tell us the Backup app.But there is a “Backup Application” in “Client Configuration” report.

            The problem is that “Client Configuration” is on the client level but not Job level. It may not be accurate if there are more than one agent installed on the client,  is that possible?

          Backup type (filesystem (by OS), MySQL, Rman, Oracle, etc)

            I didn't find a report which can tell me this kind information for a job.

          Backup size (amount of capacity protected)

            Same as Backup type, didn't find.

          Can anyone please point me to the reports where i can find there information? Thanks very much in advance.


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