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Can port 9002 be changed in DPA

Hi, does anyone know if the web admin port 9002 can be changed within DPA.  Our firewall has this port blocked

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Re: Can port 9002 be changed in DPA

Good Day Kathleen,

Yes, it is possible. To change the port, follow these steps:

- Shutoff the Webapp Service

- Navigate to <install dir>/etc

- You should see a file 'jetty.xml', open this file with any text editor. (I recommend you actually make a copy of it, in case of corruption)

- Search for the following line: <Set name="port"><SystemProperty name="jetty.port" default="9002"/></Set>

- Change the '9002' to your desired port number and save the changes.

- Restart the Webapp Service

- Test the new setting by trying to access the DPA splash page via a browser using the new port.

Hope the information was helpful.


Sang Pak

EMC Technical Support

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