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DPA 6.1.1 Networker Client job summary report fails.

Hi All,

We recently upgraded our DPA server (Split server running Win 2008 R2)  to v 6.1.1 Patch 221. After the upgrade one of the scheduled report (NetWorker client summary) report is coming out with the following message "Generation or publication of the Data Protection Advisor scheduled report 'Backup Client Summary' failed. The DPA Installation and Administration Guide Troubleshooting section provides information. Please contact an Administrator "

When I try to run the report manually I get the 500 error as below.


Error 500:

"Error occurred whilst running report. Message: Error evaluating source Backup Statistics: Error executing query: ERROR: division by zero"

The below article from support says this issue was fixed with v6.1 but that doesn't seem to be correct.


Has anyone encounter this issue before? I have opened an SR with support but just curious to know if anyone has see this error/issue before.

Any help would be highly appreciated.



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