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DPA Ports for Avamar?

Hi, I have the dpa port guide, but it is very confusing...Can someone please tell me what specific ports I need to allow in and out to monitor an Avamar grid on an external network?

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Re: DPA Ports for Avamar?

When the DPA collector is installed on the Avamar server, ports 3741, 3916 and 4001 will need to be opened in the firewall for communication between the DPA collector service and the DPA server.

These are the default ports required by DPA. If you change the ports setting, then you need to update the firewall to allow communication on the chosen ports.

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Re: DPA Ports for Avamar?

Hi Dlmhoff79,

The only Firewall Port between DPA and Avamar is the Postgres Database Port 5558 with the MCUser.

Never Install a DPA Collector on the Avamar Grid as this is not supported and not recommended. Also written in the DPA Documents.

Hope this helps.


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