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DataProcessor tool

Does Data Domain DataProcessor tool work if Data Domain is enabled with Retention lock Governance/compliance?

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Re: DataProcessor tool

Hi Raja,

DPA Data Processor tool work with if Data Domain is enabled with Retention lock Governance/compliance.

The DataProcessor tool collects scan data from Data Domain, analyzes large amounts of additional information in conjunction with client and backup job information already stored in DPA, and sends the results back to DPA for reporting.

This is an occasional process designed to give you insight at a point in time. It does not keep the data up to date. For example, if you require these reports monthly, you should

run the scanning tool and perform the analysis monthly.

Please see more details in

Data Process Tool.  (Referance dpa install and administration Guide page 159).


Data Domain PDF (Reference: h10666-data-domain-retention-lock-wp.pdf)


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