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How do I create a custom field on a DPA report?

I am currently using DPA V.6.0.1.

I am trying to add a description field to my DPA reports. I currently have a report that runs every morning. This report list any client that had a failed backup and was not reran successfully. We are trying to add a description field to the report so management can see the client name as well as a description field which would list the application that runs on that server.

I went to inventory -> Group Management and added a description into the description field of each of those clients. I am unable to find a way to get this information to show up in any reports i run.

Does anyone know a way to add a custom field like that so i can show the client name and a field for the application running on the server on a DPA report?

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Re: How do I create a custom field on a DPA report?

I am unsure of the report and the Data Source that is being used but what you can do is add the Data Source called "Backup Server Mapping" into the report and add the Operator "Merge".  You will need to ensure through the report workflow that the field "Comment" is included in workflow and in the report formatting.

This Comment field is based on what is written on the backup application for each client.  For EMC NetWorker you can enter in a comment for each client.  The only problem here is that all clients will need to have the same comment otherwise the output for this column will report as "Mixed".

Another alternative is to create an external CSV file and use the ReadCSVFile Data Source and merge the two Data Sources.  This may not be the best solution as the CSV file will constantly need updating when new clients are added into the backup environment.

For the Description field that you have added within DPA, I have not been done this before and will need time to investigate unless someone else is able to comment.

Hopefully the above can help.

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Re: How do I create a custom field on a DPA report?

I am unsure whether it can help or not but you can create custom report format. But, you will need to start over. I don't know much about this but here is a link to help. There is a complete tutorial about managing reports with DPA Tools. I can only hope it helps.

TracReports – DPA Tools

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