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How to group lines by day in a report?

I'm trying to create a report template in DPA 6.4 which gets all jobs happened in some time period.

If I use the Group By operator I can group by the Start Time field, but it is grouped exactly to the minute, and I need to group by day. and if I use the Count By Interval operator I lose all information about how many jobs succeeded and how many failed, and the durations.

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Re: How to group lines by day in a report?

This is a lot more difficult than it should be.  I still don't quite have it 100% right, but the trick so far has been a series of math operators to extra the day of the week from the Start Time field, then use the Group By operator on that new field.  The problem?  Some of my jobs technically start on the next day (i.e., Sat 11PM to Sun 1AM), so those backups are dropping from the report.  If you don't have this complication, you should have some success.

Let us know if that helps!


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