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Reporting question for the DPA savvy folks

Hi all,

We have an annual compliance audit of randomly selected clients from our production backup data. What I am attempting to do it create a report that automatically is sent out via email, at the end of each month (I know how to do this part). What I need the report to do, is to report on specific clients that I assign to it, and their cloned copies as well. Would DPA be my best option for this, or would using 'Notifications' through the NMC perform this automatic task? Is sounds like a custom report in DPA, but I get pretty confused setting those up, but I can probably stumble through it.



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Re: Reporting question for the DPA savvy folks

Hi, not sure which version of DPA you are using but if you want to report on a subset of clients it is typically easiest to create a "Group" for them. In the most recent DPA this is under "Inventory/Group Management". Create the folder you want at the correct level, for these I usually place them under "Configuration" for quick access. Title the folder something meaningful like "Audit Clients". Please note, this drill-down can change if you chose to organize your DPA differently, chosen as you import items or after. Navigate to your "client view", it is usually simpler to try and put the object you want to perform reports on in the right side pane, so you highlight a level up, so for a NetWorker client, you would highlight either the "Backup Clients" or "Backup Servers" view, I find "Backup Servers" easier to work in since it is not trying to display all of your backup clients. To get your clients to display you will need to drill-down From Backup Servers to NetWorker Servers to the individual NetWorker server then drill-down to NetWorker then Backup Client. On the right-side pane you should see a list of clients, with the "Path" starting with the name of your backup server and the Type showing as "Backup Client" if the "Type" is Host or something different it may not result in the correct reporting for what you requested. Next highlight the client or clients (multi select should be possible), perform either a "right-click" and copy, then paste it into your "Audit Clients" folder, or a "drag" operation can work just as well, when you "drop" it or select paste on the folder your backup clients should be pasted into the folder. Once complete, you can select the folder or just the objects in it to run your reports for the auditors.

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