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TL2000 logical drive


We have one TL2000 tape library with 2 drives. We have already been using it with Veeam backup. Now, we want to use with another backup software too at same time. I have read before this process can be done by creating logical drive but i wonder about my data in the cartridges. Can i make logical drive or any other solution to use another backup application same time without losing my data?



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Re: TL2000 logical drive

If you can virtualize TL2000 so that both different software can see it and then assign one to one sw and second one to another sw - no problem.  Otherwise none of them will be able to obtain lock on robotics and obviously no guarantee is there about tape range.  So, you need to mask it and that doesn't come from individual backup software, but rather tape library itself.  To me that library looks rather basic entry level so it is rather possible you do not have that option available for it.

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