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Where to install DPA agent.


I am installing DPA 6.1 to monitor out NetWorker 8.1 backup environment.

When discovering the NetWorker server is it best to install the agent on the backup server itself or on a remote server?

Are there limitations as to what information can be collected in each case?

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Re: Where to install DPA agent.


Best place to install would be on the backup server itself, because you will be able to combine Networker information with server information like processes, usage, etc.

The biggest load on the server will be due to Networker queries so offloading these is not possible. Why then use a remote server for monitoring?

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Re: Where to install DPA agent.


The best place to install the dpa agent will be on the NW server itself. This allows the NW server to collect and push the data to the DPA Data Store. In addition to this if your NW server is running a Linux based OS you will also be able to monitor the host performance details (cpu, memory, network, etc..etc)  which is otherwise not possible in remote data collection.

In a Windows machine you can collect host performance details (except for FC details) using a remote collector.

Your best bet is the NW server.



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