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PowerProtect Cyber Recovery in Azure?

Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery 19.11 was recently released and it included some key new additions as well as an update to CyberSense 7.12. One of these key features was support for Cyber Recovery in Azure



The addition of Cyber Recovery support within Azure expands cloud support beyond AWS and provides resilience against cyberattacks and insider threats. It moves critical data away from the attack surface, physically and logically isolating it from access within Azure with a secure, automated operational air gap. Unlike standard cloud-based backup solutions, access to management interfaces is locked down by networking controls and can require separate security credentials and multi-factor authentication for access.

Design and deployment of Cyber Recovery in Azure is similar to Cyber Recovery in AWS. PowerProtect Cyber Recovery is manually deployed on an Azure subscription by accessing the Azure Marketplace and using the “Deploy a Custom Template” service. 

If you haven't started planning a vault solution in your environment, start now. Unfortunately it's no longer a matter of if, but of when. 

If you want more details on all the updates in Cyber Recovery 19.11 can be found in the PowerProtect Cyber Recovery 19.11 Release Notes or in the Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery 19.11 Differences course. 

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