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PowerProtect Data Manager Front-End Capacity

Hello Team,

I couldn't find a proper platform to post question about PPDM, so here I am. Does anyone knows how PPDM calculate or determine the front-end capacity used? We moved our backup infrastructure from Networker to PPDM so basically we are backing up the same number of clients but the front-end capacity for PPDM shows double the amount from Networker. Any idea?

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Hi Aegh, 

Unfortunately I couldn't find a definitive answer to your question in the training. It sounds like you're seeing something different than expected, specific to your environment, I think your best bet is to open a support ticket to have them validate. Support will be able to look at your NetWorker licensing vs. PPDM licensing and tell you what's going on specific to your environment. 

You can do this quickly over live chat. 

To participate in a live interactive chat with a support agent:
1. Go to the Customer Support website.
2. On the Support tab, click Contact Support.
3. On the Contact Information page, click the relevant support, and then proceed.

Hope that helps and thanks for the question!


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