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PowerProtect reporting in DPA

Hello everyone! I have been using PPDM for over 2 months now but I am having problem with creating DPA reports for PowerProtect. Anyone experience the same? There's not much option for poweprotect in DPA report templates.

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Hi Aegh, thanks for posting!

I haven't worked with PPDM reporting in DPA lately, so don't remember what templates are there but I know they tend to expand the templates with every update, adding more each time. 

One thing I've found incredibly helpful when there isn't a report template that meets my needs is the ability to build custom reports in DPA. It takes a little playing around with to get the hang of, but you can build pretty much anything you could ever want relatively easily. I'd suggest taking a look at the custom report capability and if you're looking for more info, check out the Data Protection Advisor Administration - Customer Reports course. There's also an on-demand lab available where you can walk through building all the reports in the course if you're interested. 

The DPA documentation will have a comprehensive list of all the PPDM data that can be pulled and what's available, which makes a great reference for building and planning your report. 

Let us know how it goes. 


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