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Hadoop Backup?

Hello everyone,

I need your help. I can't find a lot about doing backup for Hadoop. Do you have any information for me, how to save Hadoop to Networker, DataDomain or Isilon?

Best regards


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Re: Hadoop Backup?

There are a lot of tools in the open-source space that allow you to handle most of your backup, recovery, replication, and disaster recovery needs. There are also some other enterprise hardware and software options.

Some Options

  • Replication and mirroring with Apache Falcon.
  • Dual ingest or replication via HDF.
  • WANdisco.
  • DistCP.
  • In-memory WAN replication via memory grids (Gemfire, GridGain, Redis, etc.).
  • HBase Replication.
  • Hive Replication.
  • Apache Storm, Spark, and Flink custom jobs to keep clusters in sync.
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Re: Hadoop Backup?

BoostFS to Data Domain directly from the Hadoop system using native tools might be the way to go for you.

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