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An initial sweep

Newbie here. How can I initialize a sweep with the Dell Data Protection Enterprise (DDPE) on a device? Do I have to do that from the server? Can I do it on a standalone?

Thanks for the help.

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Re: An initial sweep

Hey Andrew,

If you have the Security Management Server configured you can install the agent on your PC.  Once you reboot after a successful install the agent will go through a process called "activation" which will connect to the management server, get policy, and then should start enforcing protection (sweep).  

If you right click the Dell Encryption systray icon you can choose "About" and the Encryption Client ID should be populated with a teal 16 character alphanumeric value.  If that value doesn't exist, or is red in color then the client didn't activate and we will need to troubleshoot to see what is going on.

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