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How to decrypt BSOD failed system drive?


So we have a computer here where the bootsectors have been ruined so we are not able to boot the OS at all.

When I remove the disk and connect it to another computer through USB I can see all files etc but they are encrypted.

If I go to properties of one of the files I can see:

Encrypted: System Data encrypted

policy compliance status: no

hardware crypto accelerator: no

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RE: How to decrypt BSOD failed system drive?

Hi Toball!

When you have a drive slaved to another system, we can leverage our CMGAu (Credant Mobile Guardian Administrative Unlock) tool to gain access to the data on the drive. This requires access to the DDP | E server and forensic administrator rights or to the encryption keys that were generated from the device (this is an LSARecovery file for Dell Data Protection | Encryption Personal Edition). 

With those pre-requisites, you can run through the process defined in this guide:

under the "Encrypted Drive Data Recovery" section. 

To obtain the latest versions of our CMGAu tool, this is contained within the zip folders in our client installation packages here: 

I hope that helps!


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