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NetWorker 18.2 - change authority name

Good morning,

I have configured and used the "External Authentication Authority" in NetWorker 18.2.

I have one question:

How do you change the name of the authority in the external authentication authority when I use this function?




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Hi. We have the same problem. But the manual "Security Configuration Guide" says that it cannot but edited after you created the External Authentication Authority. But you cannot delete that entry neither!!

so i cannot create another one because i need to repeat the Domain specified in the first entry.. and Networker says it already exists. 

I hope anyone give us a solution.




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As we have a dedicated laptop for our AGWhatsApp website. But we were facing the same issue. As a discussed it with the technical expert person in our team he did minor changes while using the laptop in Linux mode and the issue was fixed easily. I will try to share the detailed guide with you people that how he did it while using Linux mode.


Hi, Emillfisher, We are operating our laptop for zip code in linux mode. But still facing the same issue. How did you solved it. Kindly share your experience and procedure. I am waiting for your good response.


how you solved the issue in linus we are still facing the issue even using our laptop in linus mode. kindly guide us. Our work is disturbing due to this issue.

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