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Hello Experts,

I want to extend the retention period for 1 existing job in networker.

the backup is already taking on a retention period of 15 days and now I want to make this backup a 1 month retention.

please advise if possible and what is the solution.

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The possible solution for it which I am personally using is dropbox premium plan. At the start I was using the free plan but when my storage is fully consumed then I bought the premium plan. And I thing this is the best alternative. Which you are looking for.

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Hi @maroun99 ,

Since all your future backups would be using 30 days retention. I would suggest to change the retention value from the action properties of the respective backup action.

Check the section ' Backup retention' page 386 in the administration guide. Link below:

Dell EMC NetWorker Administration Guide ( 

For the older backups which already have 15 days retention. Check the same guide under section ' Changing the save set retention time ' page 540

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