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unable to use remote control

I purchased a Inspiron 24 500 with Windows 10 and log in remotely to the computer using Logmein Pro.  If the computer is asleep (which is the case most times) eventually the computer comes up but as a black screen and allows me to do nothing. I can see the icons and then it flickers and goes to a black screen.

I and my staff use this software to process work but have been unable to do since the purchase of the new computer.

I updated drivers thinking this might be the case but are still unable to access the computer remotely

Can anyone suggest other ramifications to make remote control of the computer usable?


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RE: unable to use remote control

hi WestJ77,

We have not heard many reports of any of the Data Security applications from Dell causing this issue. I am seeing a few issues from LogMeIn's forums mentioning similar problems. When you connect in remotely, does the monitor of the system that you are controlling properly display, or does it too show a black screen with the cursor?

Would you be able to provide a list of any 3rd party (Dell or non-dell) antivirus applications or other applications that could conflict? this KB article from LogMeIn may help narrow things down:



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