DDP Blocking Website Access

I have 3 Dell Latitude E5440's that have the DDP software installed and the DDP software is blocking box.com website. I have disabled the browser component and that didn't work. I have tried to uninstall the software, but that is a no-go as it's not even listed in the Add/Remove Programs. I was able to load one of the systems w/o the DDP software and was able to access Box.com but as soon as I installed the DDP software it would not work again. I called Box.com support to see if they could contact you (Dell) about the issue, but the support people there are about as smart as a box of rocks (though in all fairness I was only able to get to what is probably the least paid, abused, and unheard group of employees {or outsourced employees} in that company). They kept telling me "if you don't have an account I don't know how to help you" ... so Dell ... fix it, don't fix it... I don't really care. My part in this is done (unless you need more information, which I will be happy to help with) and my conscious is satisfied that I genuinely tried to help remedy a situation that may have larger implications or be the source of frustration and anger for others that are having similar issues with DDP and websites.
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