DDPE causes F8 Safemode menu to freeze on E7450

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Hello. Strange problem here which occurs (so far) only on the new E7450 model laptops with DDPE installed. Only tried with Windows 7 Pro 64 bit installed.

  • The laptop completely freezes up and must be cold powered off when I use the F8 method to get to the safe mode. It gets to the safe mode option menu but locks up. Hitting the caps lock button does not toggle the LED, no action at all in the laptop. Must cold power off at this point.
  • Using the booting into safe mode method from MSCONFIG does work and the laptop does boot to safe mode normally.
  • Safe mode F8 method works fine after I disable DDPE and remove the Pre-Boot Authentication Environmnent (PBA)

Anybody else getting this combination of DDPE/E7450/F8 safemode, or have any answers from Dell support? 


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RE: DDPE causes F8 Safemode menu to freeze on E7450

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Hi bschwartz,

We do need further information to help troubleshoot this issue. Do you know the specific version of DDP | E that you are leveraging? The E7450s we did have issues with early BIOS revisions and SED management due to a new way with how the data is passed from the drive to the OS. I would definitely suggest updating BIOS and using the latest version of DDP | E available.

if possible, would you be able to open a ticket with support at 877.459.7304 Ext. 4310039

or via techdirect.dell.com


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