DDPE - migrating machines to new domain

We have been informed by our support that manages DDPE that we will have to unencrypt and then re-encrypt laptops when we migrate them to a new AD. Is this correct or is there anyway we can link their new AD and Old accounts together in DDPE?  Thanks

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RE: DDPE - migrating machines to new domain

Hi mattcloud,

There are a few variables that need to be considered when running through domain migrations. Typically when most migrations are done, we are merely moving users to the new domain. if this is the case, then as long as we retain SID history for the users, then we will have no issues transitioning to the new domain.

If we are completely rebuilding the entire environment, then sadly we will have to uninstall and decrypt all affected devices. This will be forced due to the local user SID changing. DDP | E leverages the local user SID to link to the appropriate encryption keys to unlock SDUser, Common, User, and User Roaming encryption keys.

more information here:


Let us know if you need more information on this specific query.


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