Dell Data Protection Locked out

I have a locked Dell computer right now where when I get to the PBA screen, the computer is already locked and is telling me to contact my administrator. I do have the username and password but am not able to enter them in. I am using Build I have tried using the recovery steps seen in www.dell.com/.../SLN293247 but was not able to get this to work as for some reason my recovery .dat file did not work. 

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RE: Dell Data Protection Locked out

Hey There icanfixthings!

It sounds like this might be better served with a call into our dedicated support team at 877.459.7304 Ext. 4310039.  From what you are describing I believe what we will have to do is review your database and perhaps pull some other .dat files that will hopefully unlock the drive properly.


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Need Immediate help? Please call DDS Support @ +1.877.459.7304 Ext. 4310039

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