M6800 - How to deal with Finger Print sensor and ControlVault?


I posted this on "general hardware" forum too, because I am not sure where it belongs exactly. It's about hardware and also about security too...

my system details are:

Dell Precision M6800 + Windows 7 Pro X64

I had a painful and finally successful installation  of the fingerprint reader and controlvault about one year ago, using the following in this order:

  1. Dell Data Protection | Security Tools-
  2. Dell ControlVault Driver_94KTC _A18_64b_ZPE
  3. Dell ControlVault Firmware_WJ0XJ_A38_ZPE

Now I had to reinstall my system and I tried to use the updated drivers:

  • Dell Data Protection| Security Tools
  • Dell ControlVault Driver WDRHG_WN64_3.3.14.68_A19_01
  • Dell ControlVault Firmware GDFGW_3.3.15.0_A40_ZPE

When I finish installing the ControlVault Driver, in Device Manager/Biometric devices, the fingerprint sensor has a yellow triangle.

Moreover, when I try to update the firmware (ushupgrade.exe), I get the following message:

This program will update the ControlVault firmware
from 3.0.304.0 to

Once started, do not interrupt process.

Going to stop Host Services.

Going to stop Host and DCP tasks.

Checking current ControlVault status.
Found ControlVault Chip Type: 5882 B0 CustID 1
ERROR: Missing files necessary for complete firmware update.
ERROR: Could not update ControlVault firmware.
Obtain complete firmware update package and try again.



I found a error code in the log file: Return Code: 0xF

All I ask for,is a clear and straight forward way to install this *** fingerprint sensor. I used to use it a lot in the past, as quick login, but now it just drives me crazy knowing that I can't use it anymore.

Thank you very much.

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RE: M6800 - How to deal with Finger Print sensor and ControlVault?

Hi Derei,

I hope today finds you well. With the changes to how we manage fingerprint readers, the control vault updates, along with the methods to interface from the OS to the hardware itself is something we do try to ensure is working correctly.

I have reproduced your issue and i am working towards finding a solution. I'm hoping to have a full write-up and details on the issue by the end of the week for you.


L4 Support

Dell Data Security

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RE: M6800 - How to deal with Finger Print sensor and ControlVault?

Thank you very much Dale, for now I applied a so-called temporary solution, using previous releases of drivers, but of course it would be for the best if I could use the last ones, as I assume there is a legitimate reasons why new drivers were deployed and not only to annoy users Smiley Very Happy

I'm looking forward for the solution!

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