Recover files protected by DDP

Help.  My PC crashed following a Windows update.  Skip to the end had to re-install Windows from scratch.

Had plenty of disk space so re-installed to the existing partition, thus keeping all old files in windows.old

So I can find my old files in windows.old/users/as/....   documents but I can't open them.  I know the password I used when encripted, but I'm lost on how I can open them now. 

To be honest I prefer not to use DDP anymore.

Any assistance VERY welcome.

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RE: Recover files protected by DDP

Would just like to add that we are currently facing the same issue, Windows update corrupted on 5 systems over the space of three days, resulting in fresh installs of the OS.

can access the drives from a dock but cannot recover the files, even when logged in as the user who owns them,

Is there anyway to recover these files or is all hope lost ?

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RE: Recover files protected by DDP

Hi cmsink and RyanIG,

The recovery process detailed in the below guide section two recovers the process it sounds like you should go through for the FFE recovery.

downloads.dell.com/.../dell-data-protection-security-tools_administrator guide8_en-us.pdf

If you get hung up or want confirmation on the process you can call out to our 24/7 dedicated support team at 877-459-7304 ext. 4310039.



Best Regards,

Stephen O

Senior Principal Engineer, Support & Delivery Services

Dell Data Security

Need Immediate help? Please call DDS Support @ +1.877.459.7304 Ext. 4310039

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