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Dell Mobile Connect, high CPU usage

I upgrade recently from DMC 3.3 to the new version and the CPU usage is insane.

My Laptop: XPS 9300 UHD i7

Task Manager screenshots:

Version: 4.0.6072.0

When the window is active and I'm using it to view/respond to messages the usage peaks to 25%, with an average of 15%. When the window is active and I'm not even touching it, usually around 7%-14%.

When the window is minimized or on a different desktop, using a different program or nothing at all, usage is still high around 5%-8%.

Only when I X out the program and allow it to run in tray does it run efficient around 0%-0.4%. The downside of having it run in tray/background is the text and call notifications don't appear to come through at all.

What's the deal with this program? I love this app by the way as well as the previous 3.3 app, but the 3.3 app never ramped up my laptop fans as soon as I started using it as far as I remember.

For comparison Firefox, not considered to be an energy efficient browser, only spikes to 10% CPU usage for brief moments (1-3 seconds) when doing things like loading new pages or logging in to websites. If you're sitting on a page and reading/scrolling an article, it chills around 1%. Average usage around 3%, minimized it's 0%-1%. This is with 10 tabs open like Gmail and Time-keeping websites constantly updating. Yet DMC idles at 10% constantly lol. Simply having DMC open drains more CPU than watching a 4K video on Youtube...

If this was a desktop I wouldn't care at all but this is a 4K laptop with a tiny battery. On top of that it's native software.

Anyone else notice this? Curious to know if it's maybe something wrong with my hardware/software.

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What is the version that should work in MS Store? Have the same issue also with newest update available here 4.1.7498.0.

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Still having this issue even after installing the new DMC driver from the Products page.

When the window is active, CPU values are always between 10-25.

When minimized, CPU usage goes down slightly but not enough (8-13).

Only when running in background, with the application x'd out, it runs normally at (0-1) CPU. However, it doesn't receive text messages or notifications when running as a background task so there's no point...


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Dell Mobile Connect vs 4.0 is not for mobile use.   Make sure BOTH your laptop AND phone are plugged in and charging.   It will drain both batteries within several hours.   Frustrating, this is a much better interface and unfortunately completely unusable.

I feel I need to update this review.

It is clear the developers are working on this.   When minimized it only uses between 2-3% of the CPU.  CPU is still quite high with the Window open,   I am not sure why it would be needing CPU at that point.  I would love a real explanation.   On event driven systems, I don't see how this happens.

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I hope your confidence is justified.  Meanwhile, may I share a reasonable partial workaround.  I have also seen that the CPU use is reasonable when minimized, so I leave it minimized and allow WIndows notifications and pop-ups, so I get notified.  This is almost as useful as having the app visible on the screen.

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On October 8, Camusensei was asked to check the drivers site again. Reinstalled the Chipset, Video, other urgent drivers. Reported back that the issue had not returned. So not sure what really fixed the issue.

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I had this same issue when 4.x came out, finally just bailed back to 3.3. Now, with the EOL nags in 3.3, and my recent update to Windows 11, thought I'd try again. Ugh. 20-30% CPU usage when running, around 10% if minimized. All system drivers/FW up to date.

Has been the same for months. In other words, they've removed the feature.

Seems to be working good now. I can leave the mobile connect app open or minimized and the CPU usage is as expected. Not sure what took so long lol but glad they finally fixed it!

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Dashboard options are good .but screen mirroring not work properly File transfer rate very very slow I want to send file on the basis of hotspot not on internet . please make some changes. .

Dell Mobile Connect is the Easiest app link I have installed in 10+ yrs. Linked new PC with mobile in minutes. Dashboard is first line for action and is setup for the most used apps. Began by deleting unwanted photos via Dashboard, confirmation on mobile, Done. I highly recommend DMConnect to all regardless of tech ability. I will update rating as I use phone, contacts, text, etc. TY

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